• What is Undorm?

    • We're the only Real Estate Team focused on the younger demographic in NYC! We approach our first time renters the same way we would approach a Luxury Apartment Sale; with the highest level of service and our undivided attention.
  • How does the process work?

    • Start by submitting a form on our site! This gives us a basic outline of what you're looking for.
    • Next we schedule an Initial Phone Consultation with you to Learn More About Your Search, Walk you through the Rental Process and how we differ, and lastly how you're going to Qualify. (It's never too early for this step!)
    • The Process culminates in a Full Day Apartment Tour about 20-30 days before your move date. On that day, one of our Representatives will show you EVERY apartment on market that matches what you're looking for!


  • Who do you work with?

    • Everyone! While we specialize working with students, we work with everyone! From renting your first apartment, to buying or selling your home, we do it all! Click on the "Buying/Selling" button below!


Additional questions?

 Email customerservice@undorm.com!