Dear Client,

Living in New York City at a young age, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Yet as a Young Renter, that opportunity can quickly turn into a nightmare. In a city whose real estate industry is built on deceitful brokers populating their websites with false advertisements, all while charging exorbitant fees, students and first time renters alike are susceptible to scams everywhere they go. Undorm was created to change that.

My original inspiration came from my own experience as a 19 year old student at Baruch College, moving into my first apartment. My roommate and I knew nothing about apartments. We found a fake advertisement online, met a broker on a street corner, and only saw 2-3 apartments. Those apartments were over our budget, in a different part of town, and generally not what we needed. Our broker was middle aged, new to New York, and completely disinterested in understanding us. Yet he convinced us this was all we could do, so we paid a massive broker’s fee and lived in an apartment with countless maintenance issues. At that point I knew there had to be a different way of doing things.

Undorm is For the Student, By the Student. Our philosophy starts with the uncanny Peer-to-Peer connection our reps can provide to their clients, as they are all current college students. Our reps are highly trained in apartment inventory and paperwork procedures, but their most important skill is knowing what their clients really need, because they’re in the same situation. Clients can feel comfortable knowing that their agent truly understands them.

When shopping for an apartment,there are two different stories I always hear: Either you only saw a couple apartments because your broker said that’s all there was, or you spent weeks, even months, seeing an apartment here and there, eventually picking a place out of frustration. At Undorm, we curate a comprehensive Full Day Apartment Tour for all of our clients, showing you 6-12 places that truly match your search parameters. We believe in providing our clients with every possible option on market. At the end of the day, our clients can make an educated decision and feel confident knowing they have seen it all.

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Michael Jeneralczuk