"Honestly, idk how it would've happened without Undorm. I hated on campus housing and so were my suite mates. Me being from Ohio, my roommates from California and Vermont, we had never been through this process before. After getting on the phone with them and really discussing all of our options, I felt confident it was a possibility. My dad had warned me about sketchy brokers in the past, but it was actually an exciting experience with the agents at Undorm. We've been in our apartment now for 2 years and we couldn't be happier!"

Anton Fordham'20

“We had an apt before. Great spot, great location, but it was a little over priced. Looking on our own we found a few options, but we realized there weren't too many options out there. We contacted Undorm pretty last minute and they were able to show us double the amount of places we found on our own. They found us a super dope spot, all within budget, and even better amenities than what we had before.”



“Coming from Mumbai, we had no opportunity to go and see places on our own. They were so accommodating and were able to Facetime us through an entire tour! Doing everything virtually, they helped us find a place, apply, walk us through paperwork, and get it all done including signing a lease and moving in when we arrived before semester started. This was all so helpful and really made our first time living in NY that much enjoyable.

PS: We love our place Amanda, were resigning this year!”





“Going into all of this I had no idea what Undorm was. Seeing them all over Facebook and    IG, I decided to hit them up. I thought they only had multiple bedroom options, but they      actually had access to every single apartment available for my needs.Seeing all the fake      ads online, I had a huge misconception of what I thought was possible, their expertise  really did go a long way. My mom flew in with me to see these places and she loved how  simple they made the process. They ended up getting me a dope 1BR on the upper east side  and I couldn't be happier!”