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moving out should be simple

Because moving out should be simple.

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It should be...

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and your interests should always be put first.

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The most enjoyable apartment search process ever...



Search 🔎

  • Schedule an introductory
    call or browse our
  • We deep dive into
    your preferences to find
    the perfect apartments.
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Tour 👀

  • Curated tour of 5-10 apartments
    viewed all in one day.
  • White-glove service including
    Ubers between places and
    a bite to eat.


Unlock 🔑

  • Painless application process
    guided by your dedicated
    Undorm assistant.
  • Collect the keys and get
    moved in. We can help
    with moving too!
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Rental Solutions that Put Students First

  • No BS.
    All the best apartments.
    Only on your terms.
the best apartments.

Students Looking
for an Apartment

Students Looking for an Apartment
Browse our Marketplace

Browse our Marketplace

  • Pre-lease months ahead of time.
  • Filter by student specific criteria
    (like walking distance to campus).
  • Found something better on another site?
    Send a link and we make it happen.

Your Very Own Portal

  • Understand where you are in the process
    with a tracker and to-do list.
  • Submit documents easily and securely.
  • Add your roommates and guarantors
    to centralize information.
Fully furnish your apartment

Students Moving
Out of an Apartment

List on the Undorm marketplace

List on the Undorm marketplace

  • Moving out in 1,2,4,8...12 months?
    Find the next tenant on Undorm.
  • Make at least $1,000 when you help your
    landlord find the next renter.
  • Undorm drives traffic to your listing and
    connects everyone involved.

Finding your next apartment

  • If you’re moving out and moving in,
    help yourself twice.
  • Make money when you move out and
    save money when you move in.
  • We’ll guide you through your next
    apartment hunt.
Fully furnish your apartment. Either:

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What makes Undorm
Different from Everyone Else?

  • As a NYC renter
    your hands were tied,
    especially as a student.

With Other
Services You..

  • Tour apartments that don’t match your needs.
  • Scour your texts and emails for important details.
  • Lease on terms out of your control.
  • Send rent $$$ how you’re told.
With Other Services You.

So we started Undorm…

Approval Process

Approval Process

  • Simplified
  • We guide you through the complex paperwork.
  • Check out our Resources to get a head start.
Rent Payments

Touring Apartments

  • Streamlined
  • Apartments move quickly. Compare the best, back to back.
  • Kick back while we handle the scheduling and paperwork.
Finding Apartments

Finding Apartments

  • Revolutionized
  • No more last minute uncertainty.
  • Pre-lease apartments months to a year in advance.
Lease Terms

Lease Terms

  • Personalized
  • Your apartment, your terms.
  • Some apartments available for semester or summer length leases.
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Get Started. Find Your Pad.